Chromium Picolinate

June 11, 2022
Latest company news about Chromium Picolinate


It is a very normal feed additive and which is approved by EU, China and USA.

Description and function


Chromium Picolinate is an organic chromium compound. It is widely used as human health-care products, medicine, food additives and feed additives. Chromium Picolinate has already been approved by FDA, EU and China. As a nutritional trace mineral, chromium has the effect on animals as follows.

1. Alleviate various stresses(heat, cold, transportation, etc.)

2. Improve carcass quality and lean meat, reduce fat concentration

3. Increase glucose absorption, promote growth, immunity and FCR

4. Improve female’s reproductive performance, enhance sow’s farrowing rate,layer’s laying rate and cow’s milk yield