Organic Manganese as feedd additives

June 11, 2022
Latest company case about Organic Manganese as feedd additives

Organic Manganese as feedd additives


Sinyiml is a producer for organic manganese and it is source from manganese amino acid complex.


Manganese Amino Acid Complex is not a single amino acid chelate. It is a chelate with 17 amino acids. The structure is more stable.


MultiAATM-Mn is a nutritional feed ingredient for animal feed. 17 amino acids are used to chelate with copper ions to obtain stable zinc amino acid complex. Based on stable structure, MultiAATM -Mn can effectively pass through gastric juice and be easily absorbed in intestinal tract to get higher bioavailability. Meanwhile, better particle properties also ensure better mixing uniformity.


Product Effect

1. Efficient and scientific supplement of manganese, maintain the normal physiological metabolism of animals’ demand for manganese, and prevent manganese deficiency

2. Promote bone development and prevent tendinopathy and cartilage dystrophy in poultry

3. Strengthen calcium deposition, improve the quality of poultry eggshells, improve the finish and strength of eggshells, and reduce the incidence of broken eggs and soft-shelled eggs

4. Improve the reproductive performance of sows and prevent the occurrence of toe and hoof diseases

5. Improve the antioxidant capacity of the animal body, reduce muscle drip loss, and improve meat quality



Product Name MultiAATM-Mn
Manganese Not less than 10%
Total Amino Acids Not less than 19%
Pb Not more than 20 ppm
As Not more than 5 ppm



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